Madhubani painting Krishna

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Madhubani painting Krishna on handmade paper

Madhubani painting Krishna

As I mentioned in my previous posts,Krishna is my favourite ! 🙂 . So I thought of trying Krishna in madhubani style.This is my second …no , I think third  try at madhubani style.Second one was a small painting of fish for kids 🙂 .Here I have drawn lord Krishna sitting besides a pond and playing flute , may be waiting for his  lady love Radha . 🙂 ( As my daughter saw this painting, she asked me “where’s is his friend Radha?”.Then I told her she hasn’t yet come,he is waiting for her)

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Maa Durga face painting

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Maa Durga face painting on satin paper

 Maa Durga face painting with kundan work:

Durga ,meaning “the inaccessible” or “the invincible”, is the most popular incarnation of Devi and one of the main forms of the Goddess Shakti in the Hindu pantheon.Durga is the original manifested form of Mother Parvati or Adi-Parashakti.

I have a wall decor of maa Durga in my home.My husband’s friend had brought this beautiful artwork   from kolkata.

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Warli painting Krishna

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Warli painting krishna

Warli painting Krishna – The little prankster

This is my latest painting in warli  style in which I have made an attempt to depict  one of  the  story of a little mischievous Krishna,giving moksha to the two cursed sons of Kubera.

So that story is as follows:

One day, finding young Krishna stealing butter from the kitchen,
Yashodha quietly crept up from behind and tried to catch him with a stick in her hand.

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warli painting kids

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warli painting kids

Warli painting kids

I wanted to try some craft which is easy for the kids to do.So I have attempted to make simple warli painting for kids  on a CD.

1. Warli painting on a CD:

I have some spoiled CDs with me.I had seen some artwork done on CDs on the net.So thought of trying out something  on the same.And I tried this simple Warli on one of these CDs.The design I have drawn here is very easy.

Materials required:

  1. Waste CD
  2. Black acrylic colour and white acrylic colour
  3. paint brush(000)

Steps I followed :

1.Take the CD. Paint it with black acrylic colour.Let it dry.You can use any background but I chose black.


2. Then with white acrylic colour using thin brush draw the design as shown.As we cant trace the design on the  CD  ,draw the design you have in mind very carefully.



WP_20150314_15_29_17_Pro[1]          WP_20150314_15_29_17_Pro[2]


3.This is the final design I came up with.We can make some more design but I kept it simple.Here I drew trees,dancing women and men with the musical instrument.



2. Warli painting Book mark

This one is a simple book mark with warli painting on it.

warli book mark