Fevicryl Shilpkar ideas

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Fevicryl shilpkar clay murals- Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna

Fevicryl shilpkar ideas – clay murals on canvas

Yesterday I tried to make some  shilpkar clay murals.This “Radha krishna” mural artwork is in  warli style.I had seen some wall hangings with murals in Khadi bhandar.I liked them.So thought of trying  them when I get time.As I had some shilpkar clay at home I tried this one  yesterday.As I didn’t have the wooden panel,I did it artwork on a 8″X10″ canvas panel.

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Lippan work /mud and mirror work

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Lippan work with shilpkar clay
Wall hanging

Lippan work /Mud and mirror work

Mud and mirror work also known as Lippan kaam is a traditional mural craft of Kutch,Gujrat.Various communities in Kutch do mud work and have their own distinct style. Most communities live in circular mud houses known as Bhungas that have thatched roofs. These houses have evolved over the years to survive the harsh climatic conditions of Kutch. The inner walls of the homes are adorned with decorative mud-mirror work. Materials used are locally available in the region,like mixture of clay and camel dung. Now gum is used to stick mirrors.The glittering mirrors in the mud-relief work brighten up the interiors of the houses with just a single lamp. Though the work is limited mainly to the interior walls, it can be found on the outer walls as well. Commonly made designs consist of peacock, camel, elephant, water bearer women, women churning buttermilk, temples, mango tree, etc.
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