Madhubani Warli art fusion painting

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Madhubani warli art fusion

Madhubani Warli art fusion painting

Hi friends,

This is  a late post .I wanted to post this around Deepavali  festival but got so busy that I could’t post.This painting is a fusion of Madhubani and warli art.I made this painting specially for Deepavali.

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Warli painted wooden box

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warli painted wooden box

Warli painted wooden box

Hi all,

It’s been a  long time since I posted.When it is a vacation time for kids,I hardly get time for my hobbies.They keep me busy whole day:-).As their school has started properly,now I am getting some time for something to try.Today I have come up with this warli painted wooden box.

I had a small wooden  box that ordered from itsy bitsy.It is a tiny but cute box,so thought of trying my all time favourite warli painting on that :-).

I have kept the design simple and have used only black colour.

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warli painting easy designs

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warli painting easy designs on paper bags

Warli painting easy designs on handmade paper bags

Hi there,

This is my quick post on warli painting easy designs on handmade paper bags.Today I have come with these small,cute warli painted paper bags.

I had these small,cute paper bags.So tried this…..

Here I have used acrylic pearl metallic colours(silver,gold,bronze).

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Colourful Warli paintings

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colourful warli paintings
Warli- field work

Colourful warli paintings


Wish you all a very happy new year 2017 !!!

My first post of the new year !!!!!This time I am here with few new additions to my warli art gallery with colourful Warli paintings.I am very much fond of this art form,so more and more such paintings get added to my warli art gallery :-).

Below are the two  simple, colourful warli art images.Here I have used handmade papers and acrylic colours and poster colours.

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