warli painting easy designs

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warli painting easy designs #bags

Warli painting easy designs on handmade paper bags

Hi there,

This is my quick post on warli painting easy designs on handmade paper bags.

I had these small,cute paper bags.So tried this…..

Here I have used acrylic pearl metallic colours(silver,gold,bronze).

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warli painting envelopes

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Warli painting envelopes
Warli envelopes


Hi all,

This time I have come up with these warli painted envelopes.These are handpainted envelopes made of handmade paper.

I had bought these plain envelopes and did warli painting on them.This is my second set of envelopes with warli painting.Last time I tried on white plain envelopes.

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warli paintings on canvas

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Simple #warli paintings on canvas board ,kids art
Warli on canvas

 warli paintings on canvas boards

Hi all,

This time I have done some simple  miniature warli paintings on canvas .Yesterday I found these tiny stretched canvas in itsy-bitsy store.Immediately I put them in my cart.I decided to do warli painting on these cute, little canvas boards :-).I just love this warli art.

Theme of all these paintings is “sunset/evening”.So I have coloured the background with orange and yellow.For kids these designs are very easy to try.

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