Mud and mirror work wall hanging

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mud-mirror work wall hanging , #lippan work

 Mud and mirror work wall hanging 

This is my recent mud and mirror work wall hanging on a wooden panel.This time too, I did this mud and mirror work wall decor with red and white combination as my first one. The wooden panel I have used here is 12″X12″ size.I have used here, fevicryl shilpkar clay and also mont marte white clay.

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Ganesha Wall hanging using mud/mirror work

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Ganesha wall hanging using mud/mirror work
Ganesha Wall hanging

Ganesha wall hanging using mud/mirror work (with fevicryl shilpkar clay and mirrors)

Hi all ,

I am back with clay and mirror work again  🙂 .This is my second mud and mirror  artwork.This time  I tried this Ganesha wall hanging using mud/mirror work on  a 12″X 12″ stretched canvas which had in my house.This design has a Ganesha at the centre.The colour combination is dark blue and white. My last mud and mirror work was with red and white combination.

I have painted the canvas with prussian blue acrylic colour. And on it, made the design with shilpkar clay and mirrors.

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handpainted jwellery box , fevicryl shilpkar clay work

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Handpainted jwellery box , Fevicryl shilpkar clay work
Jwellery box

Handpainted jwellery box , fevicryl Shilpkar clay work

Hi friends,

Few days back,I saw  a plain rectangular MDF box in a store and thinking of trying  something with it,I bought it. I had a pack of Fevicryl shilpkar at home.So thought of doing some claywork on it.I had some mirrors ,kundans too.So used them too for decorating this  box.I used acrylic colours for painting this box.This box can be used s a jwellery box.

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Madhubani painting peacock

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Madhubani painting of peacock on a handmade paper

Madhubani painting peacock :  My first Madhubani painting !

As I said before I love all kind of arts.So this time I wanted to try my hand at madhubani painting.

And I came up with this, madhubani painting peacock.

One day  I decided to try madhubani and was thinking what design to draw.Right then ,my daughter came to me and asked me to help her draw the peacock for her school drawing homework.I helped her to draw.Then I thought  even I can draw and paint the peacock in madhubani style.I thought that would be simple,easy design but looks elegant(  If I did it properly  🙂  ).I Made the design on the tracing paper.And then I traced the design on a cream coloured handmade paper.And with a black outliner I made all the outlines. Continue reading “Madhubani painting peacock”