Colourful Madhubani art butterfly

madhubani art butterfly
Colourful Madhubani art butterfly 

Hi friends,

This is a post  about a drawing I made on weekend.

On Sunday evening, I was relaxing in the balcony, sipping a hot ginger tea 🙂 . It has just stopped raining.The plants in my garden looked more greener with tiny rain drops all over them.The flowers were looking  refreshing.Then I saw a butterfly came hovering around the flowers .

It was very colourful and beautiful.I just loved the sight ,fresh looking plants and flowers,the tiny butterfly hovering on the flowers flapping it’s colourful wings!! I think that made me draw this butterfly.

That night ,I drew this colourful Madhubani art butterfly.I just thought of drawing a simple butterfly,but ended drawing it in a madhubani style.I have used a plain white paper,pencil,black marker and sketch pens here.




First,I made only the butterfly.

Then like a metamorphosis of the butterfly, my drawing also started growing… 🙂 🙂 . First I added flowers and leaves……


Then I added some more flowers,arcs and border.And look !! it developed into a Madhubani art butterfly! 🙂




Which one looks better friends?

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