Colourful Madhubani sun painting

colourful madhubani sun painting

Colourful Madhubani sun painting design

Hi there,

Today I am here with my new painting  Madhubani sun painting .I wanted to try painting sun since a long time and I had drawn the design on the canvas. But somehow was not getting a chance to complete it . Finally finished it today 🙂 .

Sun is considered as a solar diety in Hinduism.Surya(सूर्य) is a Sanskrit word which means the Sun. There are many synonyms of Surya in ancient Indian literature like Aditya, Divakara, Bhanu, Savitru, Pushana, Ravi, Mitra, Bhaskara etc.

Surya is one of the nine heavenly planets or Navagrahas in the zodiac system of Hindu astrology.

Surya is mostly depicted riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses that represent the seven colours of the rainbow.

Surya’s synonym Ravi is the root of the word ‘Ravivara’ or Sunday in the Hindu calendar.Sunday is dedicated to Sun god.

Have a look at the images. The images show the steps followed.







Madhubani sun painting


madhubani sun painting


colourful madhubani sun painting

Here I have used acrylic colours on canvas panel.Isn’t this sun painting colourful?

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