Fevicryl shilpkar clay Ganesha

Ganesha, shilpkar clay

Shilpkar clay Ganesha

I had painted this Ganesha on a canvas.And this one is a piece of craft using fevicryl shilpkar on 8″x10″ canvas.This is my first ever clay art.

Things required here are

1.Canvas panel( any size)

2.Acrylic colours (here I used orange and yellow)

3.Paint brushes for the canvas colouring.

4.Fevicryl shilpkar clay

5.Trace paper for drawing Ganesha on canvas.

 6. Craft glue


1.First I painted the  canvas  using orange and yellow(for shade) colours.

2.Then I traced Ganesha on it using tracing paper .I didn’t draw the full design as it is.I just draw the thin outlines,so that I can paste the shilpkar clay on it using a little bit of glue.

3.We can colour the whole thing, once done. But I decided to keep it white.



fevicryl shilpkar clay Ganesha


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