Fevicryl shilpkar ideas – flowers

fevicryl shilpkar ideas
Clay flowers on canvas

Fevicryl shilpkar ideas  – flowers ,on a canvas

Today I thought of doing one more artwork with Fevicryl shilpkar clay !

This time I tried doing clay painting on a 6″X8″ canvas panel.Here i made clay flowers on a canvas panel with red background.

Things I used:

  1. Canvas panel
  2. Fevicryl shilpkar clay
  3. Acrylic colours(red,burnt sienna,green, yellow)
  4. Art glue
  5. paint brush(00)
  6. white carbon sheet

How to do :

  1. Paint the pre-primed canvas panel with colour of your choice.Here I have used red and a little burnt sienna acrylic colour.

2.Draw the design on a white paper or on a tracing paper.Then trace the design on the canvas as shown.I have traced only the stem part.

Tracing the partial design on red background .
  1. Take the Fevicryl shilpkar clay,prepare it as given in instructions on the pack.Knead it well till it becomes soft. Then make flowers as shown below. Stick the petals and leaves with glue so that they won’t fall off.

WP_20150803_15_35_42_Pro                               WP_20150803_17_04_41_Pro

  1. Finish the design.Let it dry completely. Then you can colour the flowers and leaves. I have kept the flowers white as they look nice on red background. and i have coloured only leaves .

cc                          cf

If you noticed, I have made leaves of clay and then painted them with green and yellow acrylic colour in first painting and in second one, I have painted the leaves directly with green and yellow acrlic colour.

I wanted to see how it looks when tried both ways , And think both look good 🙂

So you can do in either way as you like.

And  paintings are ready !!!

Fevicryl Shilpkar clay flowrs
Clay painting flowers on canvas

clay flowers

Did you guys liked these paintings ?






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