Ganesha Wall hanging using mud/mirror work

Ganesha wall hanging using mud/mirror work
Ganesha Wall hanging

Ganesha wall hanging using mud/mirror work (with fevicryl shilpkar clay and mirrors)

Hi all ,

I am back with clay and mirror work again ¬†ūüôā .This is my second mud and mirror ¬†artwork.This time ¬†I tried this Ganesha wall hanging using mud/mirror work on ¬†a 12″X 12″ stretched canvas which had in my house.This design has a Ganesha at the centre.The colour combination is dark blue and white. My last mud and mirror work was with red and white combination.

I have painted the canvas with prussian blue acrylic colour. And on it, made the design with shilpkar clay and mirrors.

Materials required here are:

  1. Canvas board/wooden board
  2. acrylic colours
  3. fevicryl shilpkar clay/any other air drying white clay
  4. paint brush
  5. mirrors of different shape and size
  6. glue

Steps followed:

  1. Paint the canvas/wooden board with colour of your choice.I painted with prussian blue as shown below.

IMG_20151217_160950            IMG_20160211_115315   
2.Trace/draw  the design on the board with pencil .I drew the design very lightly on the board with pencil.Then  prepare the clay as instructed on the pack.Knead it to smooth.


IMG_20151217_163959                               IMG_20151218_122221

3.Take  some clay   make the border.Then make the remaining design by pasting clay on the design with little glue.Wherever you decide to stick mirrors ,put some glue and stick.I have used mirrors as shown in the images.These images show the steps.




  1. Now my wall hanging is ready….! We can use any colour combination.I used blue in the background and ¬†painted the clay portion with white.



Hope you all like it ūüôā .

5 thoughts on “Ganesha Wall hanging using mud/mirror work”

    1. Hi Chandini,
      Sorry for the delay. Fevicryl shilpkar clay is readily available in stores.It contains two portions- a white m seal and a clay. you have to mix both of them thoroughly till it becomes smooth.I have done this Ganesha wall hanging on a stretched canvas.If you have a wooden/plywood sheet you can do on that.I have painted the background blue. Just with a pencil make a rough outline of the design you have and with fevicol paste clay as per your design. But once you prepare shilpkar, dont keep it open for long. It will dry up.Hope this helped you:-)

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