Gond painting design

Indian tribal art , Gond painting

Gond painting – Indian tribal art

Hi friends!!

Today I am here with my latest painting of one of the Indian tribal/folk art forms , Gond painting.

This is my first try at this beautiful Indian tribal art.Earlier I have done Warli and Madhubani paintings.Now this is the third Indian folk/tribal art form that I am trying.

My last post  had some  introduction about this beautiful art form.

Here I have used a lot of colours so that the painting looks striking.This painting is done on a  A4 sized canvas sheet using acrylic colours.


I made outlines with black marker pen first then started filling the design with acrylic colours .Basically in this type of painting designs are filled with lines and dots .





Gond painting On canvas

At first I thought I would do only this much.Then felt like adding some green to the design.So made some changes like adding grass and plants.And yes, one more bird added to.


Here I have used as much colours as I can 🙂 .Isn’t the painting colourful??


 Gond painting design , indian art

And here is my first ever Gond painting…….! 

I liked my first attempt of this beautiful art.

What about you all,did you like my try?


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