handpainted jwellery box , fevicryl shilpkar clay work

Handpainted jwellery box , Fevicryl shilpkar clay work
Jwellery box

Handpainted jwellery box , fevicryl Shilpkar clay work

Hi friends,

Few days back,I saw  a plain rectangular MDF box in a store and thinking of trying  something with it,I bought it. I had a pack of Fevicryl shilpkar at home.So thought of doing some claywork on it.I had some mirrors ,kundans too.So used them too for decorating this  box.I used acrylic colours for painting this box.This box can be used s a jwellery box.

Materials used here are:

  1. MDF plain box
  2. acrylic colours(red,white,pearl metallic blue,yellow,golden,blue)
  3. Fevicryl shilpkar clay
  4. paintbrush
  5. mirrors,kundan, pearl
  6. glue

How I did it

1.Paint the box with red(colour of your choice) acrylic colour,as shown.Also I have coloured the inside of the box like this.Inside the box I have used skin colour.We can use any light acrylic colour.

IMG_20151205_161305   IMG_20151205_161228




  1. Prepare the shilpkar clay as per instructions given on the pack.Knead it well till it’s soft.Then start with the design.I didn’t draw any design. I directly started with design in mind.


IMG_20151208_112601   IMG_20151208_123723

  1. Just keep making the design as shown.Here I have used small mirrors,kundans and pearls.Use glue while sticking the clay and kundans and mirrors.


IMG_20151208_121454  IMG_20151208_125657

4.The blue colour used here is pearl metallic colour.The design in progress…………… 🙂

you can use any colours you like.

IMG_20151212_183925    IMG_20151212_185219


  1. The box is almost ready………………

Handpainted jwellery box, fevicryl shilpkar clay work        IMG_20151213_162744

6.Now the box is ready.

IMG_20151215_114215          IMG_20151215_114141

Handpainted jwellery box , fevicryl shilpkar clay work


Hope you all will like it.:-)

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