Lippan kaam – wall hanging

Lippan kaam - wall hanging

Lippan kaam – wall hanging

Hi there,

I am here with a colourful wall hanging using Lippan kaam or mud and mirror work .I had started it one month back but somehow was not able to finish it all these days.I started again three days back and finally it is ready 🙂  .This is my fourth addition to the Lippan kaam or mud/mirror work gallery.

This time I have used orange background with black border.And also I have used mirrors with different shapes as shown.Here a thin wooden panel is used as a base.The clay I have used here is fevicryl shilpkar clay. We can also use air drying clay like mont marte.

The images explain the steps followed.

  1. This is a 12inchX 12inch wooden panel.

wooden panel

  1. Paint the base with colours of your choice.I have used orange and black combination  as shown.



3.Make the outline of the design you wish to make .Prepare the fevicryl shilpkar clay.Start using the clay along the design.Start pasting the mirrors.

lip1 in progress…… :-).




  1. My lippan kaam – wall hanging is ready!! This is how it looks finally when hung on the wall.





How is it friends?Did you like it?

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