Lippan work /mud and mirror work

Lippan work with shilpkar clay
Wall hanging

Lippan work /Mud and mirror work

Mud and mirror work also known as Lippan kaam is a traditional mural craft of Kutch,Gujrat.Various communities in Kutch do mud work and have their own distinct style. Most communities live in circular mud houses known as Bhungas that have thatched roofs. These houses have evolved over the years to survive the harsh climatic conditions of Kutch. The inner walls of the homes are adorned with decorative mud-mirror work. Materials used are locally available in the region,like mixture of clay and camel dung. Now gum is used to stick mirrors.The glittering mirrors in the mud-relief work brighten up the interiors of the houses with just a single lamp. Though the work is limited mainly to the interior walls, it can be found on the outer walls as well. Commonly made designs consist of peacock, camel, elephant, water bearer women, women churning buttermilk, temples, mango tree, etc.

Lipan art dosen’t have only decorative values but also helps in controlling the temperature within the huts as the clay is an insulation against heat and the mirror work-reflects light.

I saw these  lippan work or mud and mirror work on the net.I liked them very much.So I wanted to try this beautiful art .And here is the  wall decor I made yesterday.

Materials required are:

  1. ply wood/canvas
  2. acrylic colour
  3. Fevicryl shilpkar/any air hardening clay(I used shilpkar clay)
  4. mirrors of different shapes(big round,small round and pear drop)
  5. glue

Steps followed:

The images below show the steps I followed in order.

1.Take a ply wood.If want to coloured background then paint it with colour of your choice.

I used red colour.Let it dry.


WP_20150331_15_49_22_Pro        WP_20150331_16_00_57_Pro

2.Then take the  fevicryl shilpkar  clay and knead it well on a hard flat surface till it becomes smooth.

Once it is ready,you can use it according to the design.I didn’t trace the design on the board.I just started from the centre of the board.Then moved outwards in a circular pattern.If you want,you can  trace the design first on the board and then paste the clay on the design.


WP_20150401_19_09_04_Pro        WP_20150331_18_29_56_Pro


3.Stick the mirrors properly with glue.And also apply a little bit of glue while putting the clay on the design.Sometimes it comes off when dried if the board / the base piece is smooth.

4.The below images  shows the artwork after completion.

WP_20150331_20_02_09_Pro        WP_20150402_10_00_28_Pro


We can hang it on the wall or just keep it in the showcase.

It is my first ever try at Lippan work,so how it has come out friends??Any suggestions?

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