Maa Durga face painting

Maa Durga face painting on satin paper

 Maa Durga face painting with kundan work:

Durga ,meaning “the inaccessible” or “the invincible”, is the most popular incarnation of Devi and one of the main forms of the Goddess Shakti in the Hindu pantheon.Durga is the original manifested form of Mother Parvati or Adi-Parashakti.

I have a wall decor of maa Durga in my home.My husband’s friend had brought this beautiful artwork   from kolkata.

It is a wall piece of only face of Durga with  gold colour and I  just love it .So  I just thought I could try painting Maa Durga face  on paper or a cloth.I chose to paint the face on a satin finished paper(which I have brought from itsybitsy and  in many colours).Here I chose the golden one.

This one is my painting.

Materials required are:

  1. paper/canvas/cloth (I chose satin finish paper)
  2. paint brush
  3. acrylic/fabric colours
  4. Tracing paper
  5. carbon sheet
  6. kundan different colours
  7. Craft glue

Steps followed:

1.The first steps is to draw the design  on tracing paper.Then trace it on the satin paper.

2.Paint the design.



3.Now stick kundans on the design as per your choice.In this painting I have used lots of colours like black,green,purple,red,blue,brown,metallic blue,golden,lemon yellow etc (soooo many colours 🙂 ).I have used kundans of different colours too like blue,golden yellow,red,green,magenta,pink and silver.Very colourful, right? 🙂

maa durga

4.The below one is the final painting of maa durga .


maa Durga face painting




durga face



My another painting  madhubani peacock is also there in above image.

How is this friends??


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