Madhubani painting fish designs

madhubani painting fish designs
Fish design

Madhubani painting fish designs

It’s been a very long time since my last post. Couldn’t get time for something to try.

Now I got some time for myself, so I decided to try this fish painting in madhubani style.I had painted a small fish in madhubani style earlier on a small winnowing basket.This time I tried the fish design on a handmade paper.

The materials I used are for this are:

  1. Handmade paper
  2. poster and acrylic colours
  3. painting brush
  4. trace paper
  5. black carbon sheet
  6. pencil
  7. black,red and green outliner(thin marker) pens

The following images show the steps followed.

  1. First, drew the design on a paper and then trace it on a handmade paper. I first drew this freehand design on a white paper. Then traced it on the tracing paper. If you are using ready design ,then trace it on a tracing paper and copy on the handmade paper.Here I have taken light blue handmade paper.



2.Then with a black marker pen I drew all the outlines.Then start filling the design with colour of your choice. Here I have used aquamarine blue,magenta,purple,orange,green,white and golden yellow poster and acrylic colours.

WP_20150429_15_53_17_Pro      WP_20150429_16_26_08_Pro

3.These images show the final madhubani  painting fish design.

Madhubani painting fish designs 2

  1. Now the painting is ready for framing 🙂


Madhubani painting fish design

Today ,I thought of making some changes to the painting as it is looking somewhat  plain,so made some changes.


Madhubani painting fish designs 1



Tell me how is this now, friends??

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