Madhubani painting fish


Simple craft for kids

  Madhubani  painting of a fish on a small winnowing basket/ bamboo basket:

I was thinking of  doing some little,easy craft for kids.And as mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to learn the beautiful Madhubani painting on my own .So I got an idea of trying this art out of the box,like on this little winnowing basket.I have few of  these small  winnowing baskets (or bamboo tray) in my house.These are available in market with many sizes.And the one I have used here is the smallest size available.I have two more bigger sizes.Thinking of  doing some other art on those.And on this tiny winnowing basket I have tried  painting fishes in madhubani style.

Actually the winnowing  basket  I have used here has rough uneven surface( so little bit difficult to paint ).We get good quality winnowing baskets in the market.But as I already have it  in my house I am using the same.

Materials required:

  1. Acrylic paints
  2. paint brush
  3. winnowing/bamboo basket

Steps to be followed:

These images show the steps I have followed.

1. Take the winnowing basket  ,colour it with blue acrylic colour.If the basket is plain, it is better.The one I am having has some pink and green colours on it.So I chose blue to cover them.And I have used yellow for the outer border.




2. Now we should draw the design.The drawing should be done directly on the basket without tracing.

Here I drew two fishes with yellow colour.


3.Then you have to make the design you like on the fish.I have also drawn two lotuses here.

This is what I came up with at the end.


I have some more  simple projects in mind.Keep tuned  🙂 .



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