Madhubani painting Krishna

Madhubani painting Krishna on handmade paper

Madhubani painting Krishna

As I mentioned in my previous posts,Krishna is my favourite ! 🙂 . So I thought of trying Krishna in madhubani style.This is my second …no , I think third  try at madhubani style.Second one was a small painting of fish for kids 🙂 .Here I have drawn lord Krishna sitting besides a pond and playing flute , may be waiting for his  lady love Radha . 🙂 ( As my daughter saw this painting, she asked me “where’s is his friend Radha?”.Then I told her she hasn’t yet come,he is waiting for her)

Materials required are :

  1. handmade paper
  2. paint brush
  3. poster colours and acrylic colours
  4. pencil
  5. tracing paper
  6.  black carbon sheet
  7. black and red outliners/markers

The following images are in the order of steps followed.

1.First draw the design on tracing paper and then trace it on the handmade paper.This is the design I traced  first on the handmade paper.But I made some additions  in the design later,which is shown in last picture.


2.Then paint the design with poster colours.Here I used blue,green,pink,purple,magenta ,white , golden,bronze and so on….  🙂 .

Lots of colours na? 🙂 I love to use different colours.




3.In this painting I painted the design first and then made the outlines with black marker pen.

In my first madhubani painting of peacock,I had done the other way round, i.e made outlines first and then painted.So here I tried this way.

Finally I made the border using black and red outliners. The sun,flowers on the tree and grass are last minute additions.Hope look good 🙂


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Madhubani painting krishna

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