Madhubani painting peacock

Madhubani painting of peacock on a handmade paper

Madhubani painting peacock :  My first Madhubani painting !

As I said before I love all kind of arts.So this time I wanted to try my hand at madhubani painting.

And I came up with this, madhubani painting peacock.

One day  I decided to try madhubani and was thinking what design to draw.Right then ,my daughter came to me and asked me to help her draw the peacock for her school drawing homework.I helped her to draw.Then I thought  even I can draw and paint the peacock in madhubani style.I thought that would be simple,easy design but looks elegant(  If I did it properly  🙂  ).I Made the design on the tracing paper.And then I traced the design on a cream coloured handmade paper.And with a black outliner I made all the outlines.

Once I  was finished with the outlines , I decided to paint.I read somewhere that we can mark the outlines at the end after we finish filling the design.I  don’t know which method is right ,but I decided to mark oulines first and then painted the design.But gave some touch up to the outlines at the end. Here I used acrylic colours for the painting.

I have also used green pearl metallic colours here and there.

Materials Required

  • Cloth/Handmade paper
  • Trace paper
  • Fabric colours(for cloth)
    Poster colours /acrylic colours(for paper)
  • Black outliner
  • Carbon sheet
  • Paint brush

Let’s start now:

1:Choose a design

2:First draw the required pattern on the trace paper and copy the design into the cloth/paper using carbon sheet.

3:Mark the outlines with black outliner.We can do it otherway round too.i.e We can paint the design and then do the outlines at the end.

If using Cloth, Paint using fabric colours and let it dry well.
In madhubani , colours are applied flat with no shading.


Points to remember while doing Madhubani Painting:

1.Choose a design that it is easy to make.

The design pattern should be simple and clear.

2.Choose a design that is colourful .

3.Trace the design well.

4.Add a Border .
It will add new dimensions to your painting.

We  can  try making madhubani on bookmarks,table mat,cards,envelopes ,trays etc.

Here is a design on tracing paper.I drew directly on the tracing paper.Then traced it on a handmade paper using black carbon sheet.



Here is the design after I marked the borders.


Then I started painting using acrylic colours. Here as you can see I have also used pearl metallic colours.

My first madhubani painting- peacock!

And here is my Madhubani painting peacock!!!

madhubani painting peacock on handmade paper

This is how the painting looks when hung on the wall.


This painting is first ever attempt at Madhubani painting. I think it came out pretty well.

What do you think?How it has come out friends??








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