Madhubani peacock design

Madhubani peacock design on handmade paper.

I am always fond of peacock paintings.So again this time,I came with a painting of peacock.This is my latest Madhubani peacock design and I have painted this colourful peacock on a yellow handmade paper.The basic design of peacock is similar to my previous(first ever) painting of peacock .This time,I have tried to correct some mistakes that I made in my earlier painting 🙂 .We can say this one is the upgraded version of the last one :-).Here also I have used the same background as the previous one. Also if the background is light, we can use bright colours in our painting.

Materials used here are:-

  1. Handmade paper
  2. Acrylic/poster colours
  3. Paint brush
  4. Pencil
  5. Black marker pen
  6. Carbon sheet

Let’s look at steps now.

The following images show the steps I followed for this Madhubani  peacock design are .

1.Trace the design on the handmade paper.First I had made the design on a white sheet .Then directly traced it on the handmade paper.

Madhubani peacock design

2.Mark the outlines with black marker pen.

Madhubani peacock design


3. Start painting using acrylic/poster colours.I have used here acrylic colours.

As you can notice there are some changes/additions in the design I made at first . 🙂

Madhubani peacock

The last minute changes in the design can be seen clearly here 😉

4. Paint the leaves and branches as shown using green and brown acrylic colours.

madhubani peacock

Madhubani peacock design 1

5.Borders are done with  green acrylic colour and black marker pen as shown below.

Madhubani peacock design 6

6.This is the final stage of the painting.

The painting looks different in each pic. because of the light .


Madhubani peacock design3


Just a try…. 🙂 , Black and white effect with my phone camera.


Madhuban peacock design

madhubani peacock design on handmade paper



Did you all like this painting ?

2 thoughts on “Madhubani peacock design”

  1. Hi Seema, I wana knw how do u trace the design on a plain white paper ??? What translation medium do u use, bcoz if I use carbon paper then that actually ruins the canvass.

    1. Hi Sneha,
      You had asked about tracing on canvas without carbon. I came to know abt another method recently.In this, u have to scratch the whole back side of the design paper with pencil like 2B.Then keep the design facing up on the canvas and Then trace the design with dark pencil in d same way as u do with carbon.Now u can see that the design is traced on d canvas.But the design will be lighter. U can make it darker once also u get marks but they can be erased easily as they r pencil marks.Hope this helps u .

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