Simple Warli paintings

simple warli paitings

Simple warli paintings !

I am fond of all types of  indian art  forms .Few months back , I bought a  kurta  which had warli prints on it.Earlier also I had seen those paintings on some wall decors. But this time these warli paintings really caught my attention.They looked simple but  so attractive.So I thought I would try my hand at this art.So since then I am trying to learn this simple yet beautiful art on my own and have tried some paintings in my free time .Here are some of  my simple warli paintings.

I prefer to do a freehand drawing rather than tracing it from ready design. This is my first warli painting.

1. Warli painting on a canvas  – “Family”

I had some canvas panels (ready to use).This is my first Warli painting “Family”   on a canvas  panel.Here I used  a 8″ X 10″ canvas panel and  acrylic colours yellow,black green,cobalt blue,white,pink, orange and brown .This is one of my  colourful warli paintings  🙂


 Things required:

1.Canvas panel(here I have used ready to use canvas i.e base applied)

2.Acrylic colours

3.Paint brush (000,1)

4.Carbon sheet

5.Tracing paper


1. Choose a design .

2.Draw the design on trace paper.

3.Paint the canvas(for background) with colour of your choice.We can do shading also.But I kept it plain.

4.Once the paint is dried,trace the design on the canvas using carbon sheet.Choose the colour of carbon sheet depending on your background colour.Here I used black.

5.Draw outlines first.Let it dry.

6.Colour the remaining part using acrylic colours of your choice.


simple warli paintings

2. Warli  painting  on terracotta pot. Here I have used black acrylic colour as a base, and few metallic colours and regular acrylic colours.

Warli painting on a pot

 3.Warli  painting on a handmade paper. Here I have used a blue handmade paper and metallic acrylic colours.Also green marker pen is used here.

Warli painting on handmade paper


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