Krishna ,the love god

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Krishna, the love god

Krishna ,the love god 

Vasudeva sutam devam

Kansachaanura mardanam

Devaki paramanandam

 Krishnam vande jagadgurum !”

Hi all,

I am here with this post as Krishna Janmashtami is tomorrow.Just felt like writing something about this supreme soul.:-). I wish all of you a very Happy Krishna Janmashtami.

When I think of Krishna suddenly,either of the  two images come to my mind, one is the infant Krishna eating butter or the young Krishna playing flute.As I have heard so many stories from our elders about the little Krishna and his pranks ,I always wonder how Mother Yashodha used to manage him !! 🙂

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Fevicryl Shilpkar ideas

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Fevicryl shilpkar clay murals- Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna

Fevicryl shilpkar ideas – clay murals on canvas

Yesterday I tried to make some  shilpkar clay murals.This “Radha krishna” mural artwork is in  warli style.I had seen some wall hangings with murals in Khadi bhandar.I liked them.So thought of trying  them when I get time.As I had some shilpkar clay at home I tried this one  yesterday.As I didn’t have the wooden panel,I did it artwork on a 8″X10″ canvas panel.

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Madhubani painting Krishna

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Madhubani painting Krishna on handmade paper

Madhubani painting Krishna

As I mentioned in my previous posts,Krishna is my favourite ! 🙂 . So I thought of trying Krishna in madhubani style.This is my second …no , I think third  try at madhubani style.Second one was a small painting of fish for kids 🙂 .Here I have drawn lord Krishna sitting besides a pond and playing flute , may be waiting for his  lady love Radha . 🙂 ( As my daughter saw this painting, she asked me “where’s is his friend Radha?”.Then I told her she hasn’t yet come,he is waiting for her)

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Warli painting Krishna

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Warli painting krishna

Warli painting Krishna – The little prankster

This is my latest painting in warli  style in which I have made an attempt to depict  one of  the  story of a little mischievous Krishna,giving moksha to the two cursed sons of Kubera.

So that story is as follows:

One day, finding young Krishna stealing butter from the kitchen,
Yashodha quietly crept up from behind and tried to catch him with a stick in her hand.

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