Madhubani peacock design

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Madhubani peacock design on handmade paper.

I am always fond of peacock paintings.So again this time,I came with a painting of peacock.This is my latest Madhubani peacock design and I have painted this colourful peacock on a yellow handmade paper.The basic design of peacock is similar to my previous(first ever) painting of peacock .This time,I have tried to correct some mistakes that I made in my earlier painting 🙂 .We can say this one is the upgraded version of the last one :-).Here also I have used the same background as the previous one. Also if the background is light, we can use bright colours in our painting.

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Madhubani painting peacock

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Madhubani painting of peacock on a handmade paper

Madhubani painting peacock :  My first Madhubani painting !

As I said before I love all kind of arts.So this time I wanted to try my hand at madhubani painting.

And I came up with this, madhubani painting peacock.

One day  I decided to try madhubani and was thinking what design to draw.Right then ,my daughter came to me and asked me to help her draw the peacock for her school drawing homework.I helped her to draw.Then I thought  even I can draw and paint the peacock in madhubani style.I thought that would be simple,easy design but looks elegant(  If I did it properly  🙂  ).I Made the design on the tracing paper.And then I traced the design on a cream coloured handmade paper.And with a black outliner I made all the outlines. Continue reading “Madhubani painting peacock”