Madhubani painting fish

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Simple craft for kids

  Madhubani  painting of a fish on a small winnowing basket/ bamboo basket:

I was thinking of  doing some little,easy craft for kids.And as mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to learn the beautiful Madhubani painting on my own .So I got an idea of trying this art out of the box,like on this little winnowing basket.I have few of  these small  winnowing baskets (or bamboo tray) in my house.These are available in market with many sizes.And the one I have used here is the smallest size available.I have two more bigger sizes.Thinking of  doing some other art on those.And on this tiny winnowing basket I have tried  painting fishes in madhubani style.

Actually the winnowing  basket  I have used here has rough uneven surface( so little bit difficult to paint ).We get good quality winnowing baskets in the market.But as I already have it  in my house I am using the same.

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Madhubani painting peacock

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Madhubani painting of peacock on a handmade paper

Madhubani painting peacock :  My first Madhubani painting !

As I said before I love all kind of arts.So this time I wanted to try my hand at madhubani painting.

And I came up with this, madhubani painting peacock.

One day  I decided to try madhubani and was thinking what design to draw.Right then ,my daughter came to me and asked me to help her draw the peacock for her school drawing homework.I helped her to draw.Then I thought  even I can draw and paint the peacock in madhubani style.I thought that would be simple,easy design but looks elegant(  If I did it properly  🙂  ).I Made the design on the tracing paper.And then I traced the design on a cream coloured handmade paper.And with a black outliner I made all the outlines. Continue reading “Madhubani painting peacock”

Madhubani paintings

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Madhubani painting originated in a small village of Bihar state of india, known as Mithila. In older times, the women of the village drew the paintings on the walls of their home. With time, the paintings started becoming a part of festivities and special events,like marriage. Slowly , the Madhubani painting of India crossed the traditional boundaries and started reaching admirers of art, both at the national as well as the international level.

Madhubani painting/Mithila painting was traditionally created by the women of the Brahman, Dusadh and Kayastha communities in Mithila region in Nepal and India. It was originated in Madhubhani village of Capital city of Ancient Mithila known as Janakpur.

Madhubani art has five distinctive styles – Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, Nepali and Gobar. In the 1960s Bharni, Kachni and Tantrik style were mainly done Brahman & Kayashth women, who are upper caste women in India and Nepal. Their themes were mainly religious, and they depicted Gods and Goddesses in their paintings. People of lower castes and classes included aspects of their daily life and symbols of Gods and Goddesses much more, in their paintings. The Godna and Gobar style is done by the Dalit and Dushadh communities. Of course, nowadays Madhubani has become a globalized art form, and has received international and national attention.

Initialy Madhubani paintings were done on the traditional base of freshly plastered mud wall of huts.But now they are being done on various bases like cloth, handmade paper and canvas.Madhubani paintings make use of three-dimensional images and the colors that are used are derived mainly from plants. Continue reading “Madhubani paintings”