warli painting

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warli painting - Tulsi wedding
Tulsi wedding

Warli painting  –  Tulsi Vivah or Tulsi wedding

Hi there,

This is my new addition to warli painting gallery.

This painting is of a occasion of “Tulsi Vivaha” (Tulsi wedding ) in a warli style on a black handmade paper using white acrylic colour.

Tulsi Vivaha is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant (holy basil) to the Hindu god  Vishnu or his avatar Krishna. This ceremony is performed  on “Uththan dwadashi” or twelth lunar day of the hindu month Kartika.The Tulsi wedding signifies the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the Hindu wedding season.It is ususally performed in the evening.

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Warli painting Radha Krishna

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warli painting Radha Krishna

Warli painting Radha Krishna 

The Radha-Krishna love affair is a love legend of all times.

The  love story of Radha and Krishna is an immortal tale of India.

It’s indeed hard to miss the many legends and paintings illustrating Krishna’s love affairs, of which the Radha-Krishna affair is the most memorable.

Krishna is my favourite 🙂 ,and so I came up with this new painting ,“Radha Krishna” in warli style.

Here Krishna is with Radha on the bank of a river/pond playing flute. And other gopikas are around.

For this warli painting Radha-Krishna, I have used a maroon handmade paper ,white acrylic paint and some gold colour.

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Warli painting marriage

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Warli painting Marriage
Marriage Doli

Warli painting marriage – “Doli”

Here is a painting  of a doli in a warli style .

 Doli: A doli is a cot suspended by four corners from a bamboo pole. The bride is carried back in a doli from her parent’s house to her husband’s house.It is usually carried by  maternal uncles and brothers of the bride. Doli refers to the actual ceremony of a bride departing the home of her parents.

In this painting I have used an A4 sized satin finished paper .Like few of my other paintings in this too I have used lot of colours. Another colourful painting of mine!!!!  🙂

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