Warli celebrations

Warli celebrations

Warli celebrations!

The  Warli art style is influenced by the simplicity of the  humble life style of  warli tribal people and  beautiful natural surroundings . Their enjoyment and celebration is wholesome with passionate involvement of men, women and children. Be it  the arrival and harvest fresh crop, festivity, social rituals,each celebration is joy filled with music ,dance, drink and feasting.

And below are some of my paintings showing celebrations of warli people.

Materials required for all these paintings below:

1.Handmade paper

2.Paint brushes

3.Acrylic colours

4.Tracing paper

5.carbon paper( black and white)

First I made a free hand drawing on a tracing paper and then traced it on the  cream handmade paper. You can take a ready design and trace.We have to choose the carbon sheet depending on the colour of the  handmade paper   we are using.

1.Warli painting on black handmade paper

The traditional dance of the adivasis is called Tarpa.This is a group dance, performed on the beats of dhol. Tarpa is the only source of entertainment for the community and it also helps to unite people.One of the important themes of warli painting is the Tarpa dance painting. Although most Warli motifs are inspired by nature, this particular one – the spiral dance – is a celebration of life itself; infinite and continuous just like a spiral .

And the below one is  a painting of a Tarpa dance on a  A4 sized black handmade paper using acrylic metallic pearl colours silver and  bronze. Again ,here I made the  freehand design first on a tracing paper and then traced it on a black handmade paper with white carbon sheet.Then I painted with pearl metallic silver colour.Also I have used metallic bronze colours here and there.


2. Warli painting  “celebration” on yellow handmade paper

  Here I have used only black colour on yellow handmade paper.This painting has dancing women and men.

3. Another Warli painting ” Celebration” .

This painting is done on a A4 sized magenta coloured satin finish paper.In this painting,I have used regular and metallic pearl acrylic colours .In this painting, I have drawn women doing Tarpa dance in the centre,men playing musical instruments on the side.Also there are dancing women on other sides.

 warli celebrations

How are these paintings ,friends? did you like them?

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