Warli,Madhubani art fusion

warli,madhubani art fusion

Warli,Madhubani art fusion

Hi friends,

I am back with a post, after almost a month.Was busy with Kids exams,and then with kids( as they are having vacation ) and the navaratri festival ! As the festival is over now, I got time to try something.So thought of doing something which is easy yet beautiful and could be finished in a day or two.

So I have come up  with a painting with Warli,Madhubani art fusion.I Wanted to try some kind of fusion ,so I had drew this design  and  transferred it on the yellow paper already last month.So yesterday I started painting.

Here I have used yellow paper,poster and acrylic colours and a black marker pen.

The steps are shown with the images below.

1.Draw the design on the paper either directly or first drawn on a white sheet and then transferred on the yellow paper.I first drew on the white paper and then transferred it on the yellow paper.For transferring I didn’t use the carbon sheet instead I scratched the backside of the design with pencil and then placed the white paper with design facing up on the yellow paper and then traced the design with dark pencil.The design gets transferred on the yellow sheet.Then we can make the outlines darker with pencil if needed.

warli,madhubani art fusion

2.Then make the outlines with black marker pen.Start filling in the design with different colours.


3.Make the borders.


warli,madhubani art fusion 5

Next I made the outer border  with orange colour.

warli,madhubani art fusion 6

4.Ta da……the  painting is ready.:-) Colourful, isn’t it?

warli,madhubani art fusion


Just wanted to see how it looks when framed.

warli,madhubani art fusion

I loved this art fusion.

Did you like it ?? Let me know what do you think about this art fusion.

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