Warli painting designs

warli painting designs
warli wall hanging

Warli painting designs – on a canvas board

Hello world,I am here with my latest Warli painting design on a canvas board.The theme of the painting is ” Evening in village” .This painting is presented with hut,tress,animals,birds and people.You can see the ¬†kids playing,women ¬†cooking the food,drawing water from the well,men carrying wood,men picking the coconuts,people dancing and playing musical instruments around the fire,cattles coming back home etc.

I have done this painting on a 12″X12″ stretched canvas board.These pre-primed canvas boards that I bought from Amazon are really good to use.There are only two acrylic colours used in this painting orange and black.I have done miniature warli paintings with same colour combination earlier.You can see it here.

Materials used are:

  • 1.Canvas board (stretched)
  • 2.Acrylic colours(orange/black/white)
  • 3.Paint brush
  • 4.Tracing paper
  • 5.Black carbon sheet
  • 6. Black thin marker

The images explain the steps I followed:

  • 1. The stretched canvas board has been painted orange.(with little white).IMG_20160104_133224

2.The design has been traced on the canvas and is ready for painting…….



3.Started painting with black acrylic colour….




4.This is the final stage of my painting…..

warli painting designs


The painting is ready………!


warli painting designs 3

You can get the painting wrapped in a transparent plastic from the shop(frameworks) to protect from dust.

How is it friends?


This is another simple warli painting that I had done long back on a canvas panel.The painting is in black and white combination.I have framed it.

Warli painting designs - on canvas


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