Warli painting Krishna

Warli painting krishna

Warli painting Krishna – The little prankster

This is my latest painting in warli  style in which I have made an attempt to depict  one of  the  story of a little mischievous Krishna,giving moksha to the two cursed sons of Kubera.

So that story is as follows:

One day, finding young Krishna stealing butter from the kitchen,
Yashodha quietly crept up from behind and tried to catch him with a stick in her hand.

Krishna ran away. Yashodha chased after him only to realize that it was impossible for her to catch the quick footed child.After tiring his mother Krishna got caught and Yashodha got a long rope to tie him to a mortar. But Yashodha realised that the rope was falling short.She brought some more rope and joined to two pieces.But that too fell short .She joined all the ropes she had but couldn’t make the rope long enough to tie Krishna to the wooden mortar. The rope was falling short of two inches every time.It was the little krishna’s trick  🙂 . Finally seeing his mother tired he got himself tied up to a mortar.Then Yashodha left him and engaged herself in household affairs.

Soon there was a loud noise. Everyone rushed out to see that Krishna had dragged the heavy wooden mortar to the twin arjuna trees in the yard and tried passing through the gap between the trees.And when he got stuck between these  trees he had pulled so hard that the trees had fallen down .These crashed trees were Nalakubera and Manigreeva,the cursed sons of Kuber, the god of wealth.By making them fall, Krishna freed them from the curse of Narada.

Warli painting Krishna

Materials required:

1.paint brush

2.white poster colour,golden and bronze acrylic colours

3.Tracing paper

4.White carbon sheet


6.handmade paper(I used Navy blue coloured)

Steps followed for this ” warli painting Krishna” are:

The pictures below are in sequential order.

  1. This is the design I traced on the navy blue handmade paper using tracing paper and white carbon sheet.



  1. Painting in progress……………………..  🙂


3.The final stage……………….In this painting I have used  white , golden colour and bronze colours.Here I used both poster and acrylic colours.And the border gives a totally different look to the painting.




warli painting krishna

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