Warli painting marriage

Warli painting Marriage
Marriage Doli

Warli painting marriage – “Doli”

Here is a painting  of a doli in a warli style .

 Doli: A doli is a cot suspended by four corners from a bamboo pole. The bride is carried back in a doli from her parent’s house to her husband’s house.It is usually carried by  maternal uncles and brothers of the bride. Doli refers to the actual ceremony of a bride departing the home of her parents.

In this painting I have used an A4 sized satin finished paper .Like few of my other paintings in this too I have used lot of colours. Another colourful painting of mine!!!!  🙂

Materials required :

1. Tracing paper

2.Handmade paper(here I used satin finished paper)

3.Acrylic metallic pearl colours and    few fabric colours

4. paint brush no. 0

5.carbon sheet(black)

6.magic tape(kind of cello tape that can be removed easily)

Steps to be followed:

1.First draw the design on tracing paper.

2.Trace the design on handmade paper.

While tracing the design on the   paper I used magic tape on the edges of all the papers held one above the other i.e satin paper,carbon sheet and tracing paper so that we can trace the design properly without moving the papers.Once traced,we can remove the tape.

3.Then make the outlines using black acrylic colour.

Once it is dried ,then  use colours of your choice to paint the remaining part.

4.Make a border.The border will give a new dimension to your painting.

Here I have used blue and orange colours for the borders.

warli painting marriage

This is how the painting looks finally !!


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