Warli painting on wall


Warli painting  on  wall !

This is my first try at  warli painting on a wall.

I hade seen warli paintings on walls and they look beautiful especially on the red mud wall.And I had always in my mind to try that.We have a stone wall in our living room ,which has a rectangle hole or a shelf  which has a border painted in brick red .So one day I got a thought what if  I  do warli painting on the brick red border. So i thought I will give a try.Then in the afternoon I sat and drew the design on the wall with a pencil.I had no specific design in my mind when I sat to paint.I drew whatever came in my mind at that time  🙂 .Then I painted it using white acrylic colour. All I required was paint brush,pencil , white acrylic colour and offcourse some patience  🙂 ,because I finished it in just 2 hrs( from drawing to painting).And I was happy it came out well.




2 thoughts on “Warli painting on wall”

  1. excellent work!!
    i really admire your work and patience .
    very nicely done.
    i would like to learn some warli art too.
    the thing is , am able to see and draw them… but still need to practice drawing figures by myself.. (without copying you people 🙂

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