Hi there,
I am Seema Jay and I live in Bengaluru,India.I am  a B.E (electronics)graduate and a full time  home maker. I have a wonderful family with a  very supportive husband and two adorable kids.After kids were born, I really  had a busy life.But as both are going to school now, I am getting  a little time for myself.I have always been an admirer of all kind of arts and wanted to learn some if I ever got a time.Now as I am getting some free time ,I am trying  to utilise it by learning some indian art on my own.

I have learnt these paintings just watching some videos and paintings.This is my  very first blog .In this blog I am sharing all my art works .My brother  really encouraged me  to start this blog and share my work.My little 10 year old daughter is my critics.So whatever I do I show her first 🙂

I am not trained in any kind of art. I have just beginned to learn painting and other artworks all by myself . I am making  an effort to learn these beautiful arts and sharing with you all.Hope you guys like them 🙂 .

My other hobbies are music and cooking.

” Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp

” The purpose of art is washing the dust of everyday life off our souls” – Pablo Picasso

” Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes .Art is knowing which ones to keep”-Scott Adams


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  1. Your blog is very nice Seema. Good to know about the support and encouragement from your family on your interests. Will keep visiting your blog to see more art and some culinary delights as well 🙂 I particularly liked your Warli Wedding art. It would look lovely if painted on a plain silk kurta/chudidar as a border. Best wishes on your endeavor

  2. Wonderful and commendable work Seema… “Congratulations”. You have inspired other homemakers to boost their hobbies and make them worth. I wish you ‘All the Best’ and keep the good work going… also I suggest you to start taking orders and classes. Hope to see more of them in future.

  3. Hats of to your creativity and putting your time to share and spread the joy of Art.
    ” The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of gift is to give it away”

    1. Thank you,Chidanand.Just making an effort to keep myself busy and relaxed.And also feeling very nice and excited in learning new things and sharing it with others.

  4. Hi Seema

    I can easily relate to ur life story because i am going through the same phase now.

    Ur painting are very nice.

    Keep it up.

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