warli paintings on canvas

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Warli on canvas

 warli paintings on canvas boards

Hi all,

This time I have done some simple  miniature warli paintings on canvas .Yesterday I found these tiny stretched canvas in itsy-bitsy store.Immediately I put them in my cart.I decided to do warli painting on these cute, little canvas boards :-).I just love this warli art.

Theme of all these paintings is “sunset/evening”.So I have coloured the background with orange and yellow.For kids these designs are very easy to try.

Materials required are here are:

  1. canvas board(7cmX7cm)
  2. acrylic colours(orange,yellow,red and black)
  3. paint brush
  4. tracing paper
  5. carbon sheet(black)

How to do:

  1. Take small canvas and colour the background as shown.I chose orange with dark and light shade just to show it is evening/sunset.Do it on all the canvas boards.The canvas boards I took here are just 7cm X 7cm in size.(2.75″ X 2.75″ approx).

You can clearly see the shading on the canvases in the images below.


2.Trace the designs on the canvas board.I made the design directly on the canvas boards.Follow the procedure for all the canvas boards.

IMG_20151201_124324           IMG_20151202_133201


3.Take black acrylic colour and paint the design as shown.

warli paintings on canvas 3     warli paintings on canvas 4

warli paintings on canvas 2                      warli paintings on canvas 1

Ta da ……This is how the canvas boards  look after finishing…..! 🙂


warli paintings on canvas

Yes……my miniature warli paintings on canvas are ready!!

We can hang these canvases as it is or we can can make a large wall hanging by pasting them on a big canvas board or wood panel.Here I have just kept all the four on a big 12″X12″ canvas board painted with same background colour.


8 thoughts on “warli paintings on canvas”

  1. really superb! and simple ..
    i stay in bangalore too… 🙂

    really love to learn and do these..
    am trying to do such things on my own just like you.
    but there are loads and loads of tutorials in you tube and really confusing.
    now am just following your style since they are really simple and super cute . Thanks for posting them.

    1. Hi Rathna,
      sorry for the late reply.Normally paint brushes are used for canvas board.In my above paintings,the canvases are mini and designs are small.So I have used black fine marker pens for thin portions like legs,neck and hands and filled the remaining parts with black colour. So you can use marker pens too.But for large filling areas brush is good. what you can do is,trace the design with pencil first then outline the design with marker ,then fill the inner part with acrylic using thin brush .

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