Warli with a difference…

Warli with a difference!!!!!!!

I wanted to  try something different with warli .One day as  I looked at my wooden knife holder in the kitchen ,a thought came in my mind “can I try painting on this?”.Then I said “Why not?Let me try” .I took the knife holder drew designs on it with pencil.I had no specific design ,just drew whatever came in my mind at that moment of time.First, I made outlines with black acrylic paint .Once the outline was dried ,I painted it with different  acrylic colours.I love to use many colours instead of only one colour.And look ! what I came out with? I loved it.

Things required are

1.Acrylic paints of your choice

2.paint brush(no. 000)

3.pencil for drawing It is free hand drawing.

Just with pencil draw the design on the wood . Then draw the outlines ( I used black colour ). let it dry for some time .Then  paint the remaining part  with colours of your choice


And here is a Warli painting on a jute bag! Here I have used some metallic colours . Again it involves free hand drawing of the design you have in your mind.


 Warli bag


 How are these? Did you like them readers??






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